Artistic Statement

paul stancato

"You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down"  
 ~ Charlie Chaplin


As a visual storyteller, I work hard to explore the human condition. I hope to take the audience on a journey. To impact their life in some way, whether it provokes thought, conversation, debate or simply entertain. No story is worth telling without a little risk.

Asking questions is the most crucial aspect in beginning my process. Communicating with the playwright, if possible, in pinpointing what the story is about. From there it becomes a collaboration with the producers, design team and actors to identify why we need to tell this particular story. It's my responsibility to link all of these elements together harmoniously to create a cohesive story.

I am affected by my environment, politics and everyday experience, which are all represented in my work. My influences range from the great playwrights: Williams, O'Neill and Shakespeare to paintings: Pollack, Basquiat, Klimt and music: Miles Davis, Gershwin.

Ultimately, I am an artist who takes life and reflects it back in such a way that it hopefully sticks in the audience's mind, heart and guts.