Jekyll & Hyde

What the critics are saying.

Collected Stories

By Donald Marguilies
Directed by Paul Stancato

What the critics are saying.


Presented at New York Musical Festival 2016
Jonathan Kaldor (Music & Lyrics)
Sebastian Michael (Book)
Jesse Warkentin (Music Direction)
Kevan Loney (Projection Design)
Isabella Byrd (Lighting Design)
Paul Stancato (Director/ Choreographer)

What the critics are saying.


He recently directed/ choreographed the National Tour of Flashdance.

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Happy 50ish

Directed & choreographed by Paul Stancato.

"As Generation X hits the half-century mark, a rich vein of comedy material is being mined by theater folk of (ahem) a certain age. Smartly written and charmingly performed, HAPPY 50ISH sports a rich array of witty ditties on the topic of getting older. Thanks to an ingenious framing device, director Paul Stancato smoothly navigates the shows' real-time format and keep on rocking as the decades roll by."
- Ethankanfer


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The Cobalteans

Things aren't always black and blue.

One year after their friend Gabriel's death, four young men return to the lake house they had spent their summers growing up in. Gabriel's family has finally put the house up for sale and the boys have come to say goodbye. However, the tranquility of November on the Lake Erie coastline does not linger for long as tensions rise. Fingers are pointed about the night of their friend's tragic death. Moments of silence are broken onstage as the minds of these young men explode into song.


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Jekyll and Hyde

He recently directed/ choreographed the 2014-'15 National Tour of Jekyll and Hyde.

"It's the best production of Jekyll and Hyde I've ever seen, and I've seen them all!"
-Frank Wildhorn's mother

"If this production was the original, it would still be playing on Broadway today!"
- Kim Scharnberg


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"the outstanding choreography, by Paul Stancato, executed with a precision that seems effortless, gives Powerhouse, named after one of Scott's more famous compositions, the feeling of being one fantastic organism, free-forming and lovely."
- Dmitry Zvonkov, Stage and Cinema

"Paul Stancato's choreography is breathless!"
- Andy Webster, New York Times

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Basquiat (In Development)

During the late 70’s early 80’s, when the world needed change, no one saw the collective of artists from New York’s East Village paving the way.  At the center of this movement was Jean-Michel Basquiat, a painting and graffiti artist hell-bent on becoming ‘famous’.  His persona would lead him to be called the ‘Wild Child’ of the art world, the Radiant Child.  Ambition, abandonment and drugs fueled his overnight success, but his work would lead him to be labeled the ‘Black Picasso’ of his time, a label that served more as a weight than a banner. 

Basquiat is the story of how one man’s desire to be famous eclipsed his own artistic merit.  He became famous for being infamous.  His paintings drew high praise and his addictions drew higher prices. 

On the night Basquiat dies of an overdose, two iconic African-Americans, Jimi Hendrix & Charlie Parker, appear to decide whether or not Basquiat will be remembered as an icon, or a talent who wasted his opportunities.

The piece examines the role he played from 1978 to 1988 in changing the cultural landscape that would become the mid-eighties; with all the teased bangs, parachute pants and eyeliner that went with it.

The music in this piece evokes the time and place in a raw and gutsy no-holds-barred approach in combining Punk, Rock, New Wave, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Rap.  It draws us into the thrill and grittiness that was the pre-gentrified New York City of the 1980's.

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The House of Dancing Water

The largest water show in the world and is housed in an eight story, state-of-the-art theatre.  Created by Franco Dragone (La Reve, O) this is a magical show and I am honored to be Artistic Director.  It plays in the Dancing Water Theater at the City of Dreams Casino and Resort in Macau China.

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This was a fun production to do at the John W Engeman Theater. It had a fantastic cast that included Bill Evans as Edna Turnbalt, Eric L. Summers, Danielle Arci, Gina Milo, Nick Dalton and Felicia Finley as Velma Von Tussle. Costumes and Set design by the truly talented Michael Bottari and Ron Case.

What the critics are saying.

Plaid Tidings

This production at Flat Rock Playouse was intimate and thoroughly enjoyable. Starring Nick Cartell, Scott Wasserman, Eric L. Summers and Chris Blisset.


This is an exciting new musical by Adam Lebow and Tor Hyams.  It premiered in the 2011 New York Musical Theatre Festival and starred Andrea McArdle, Cary Shields and Mary Mossberg.

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The Sound of Music

This production was re-conceived for John W Engeman Theater, as it is a jewel box theater. It starred Allison Walla as Maria, Rob Gallagher as von Trapp and Felicia Finley as the Baroness.

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What the critics are saying.

Trav'lin: The New 1930's Harlem Musical

This is a new musical written by Gary Holmes (Book), Allan Shapiro (Book) and Jay Cee Johnson (Music and Lyrics). Jay Cee was Fats Waller's best friend and collaborator back in the Harlem Renaissance 1930's. This big-band musical debuted at the 2010 New York Musical Theatre Festival at the TBG Theatre. It starred Brenda Braxton, Doung Eskew, Randy Donaldson, Soara-Joye Ross, Michael Jean Dozier and Karla Mosley.

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What the critics are saying.

The Lion King 1st National Tour

Resident Director from 2006-2010.
Nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for Best Musical in 2008 while we were in D.C.

The Wedding Singer 1st National Tour

I worked closely with John Rando in re-creating the Broadway show for the tour. He really gave me the freedom and encouragement to make it mine while keeping the integrity of his original vision.

Blue Man Group

I was a Blue Man from 1997-’98 and it changed how I thought about theatre and what is possible.

De La Guarda

I was fortunate to have been one of the original New York cast members/ captain of this show that changed the lives of anyone who saw it.

Einstein's Dreams

This was a piece that Ralf Remshardt, David Gardiner and I adapted it from the best selling novel by Alan Lightman. I directed/ choreographed it for the New York Fringe Festival in 2001, where it was awarded Best Direction. This piece wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for the University of Florida where it was first conceived.


This was concept of interweaving a play with a rock concert. The story is about a NYC rock band who must come to grips with the fact that they might not ‘make it’ in the music business. When do you give up on the dream to face reality? I wrote this piece with my long-time collaborators, Chris Blisset and Matt Uremovich. All the music for this show was actually played by the band on stage.