Into the Woods

"This is probably one of the best shows I've had the pleasure of seeing at Timber Lake Playhouse!"
- RC Reader

Disney's The Little Mermaid

"Paul Stancato's choreography and direction is exceptional!"
- RC Reader


"The beautiful Northport venue outdoes itself with the lush production of the heart-tugging musical. Excellently directed by Paul Stancato, the cast is remarkable drawing the audience in at every turn."
- Broadway World

"Engeman Theater's 'Aida' is a gift from the gods... Director and choreographer Paul Stancato has such a wondrous and mysterious time period to work with and he takes full advantage of it, creating an exciting and colorful show  with a first-rate cast of actors-singers-dancers and live band to produce a wonderful evening of live theater."
- TBR Newmedia

"It flows as beautifully as the Nile!... [Stancato's] production is a stunner, making the most of this problematic musical with an extraordinary cast and lofty production values."
- Newsday

In The Heights

"…masterfully directed by Paul Stancato."
- Broadway World

"Director Paul Stancato has gathered an impressive cast, with voices that will blow you away and enough stage electricity to energize a small city."
- Newsday

"Director Paul Stancato hit(s) the nail squarely on the head."
-Smithtown Matters

"With spirited numbers like '96,000,' 'The Club' and 'Carnaval del Barrio,' the production entertains from start to finish and tugs at the heartstrings with performances like 'Breathe' and 'Alabanza.'"
- Long Islander News

"When I first sat down to In The Heights I wasn't 100% sure what to expect.  Not only did this production meet my expectations, it blew them away.  By any means possible see this show!"

On Golden Pond

"The final image in Palm Beach Dramaworks' new production of Ernest Thompson's "On Golden Pond" is a thing of poignant beauty."

"On Golden Pond is a pleasing charmer suffused with warmth and aided immeasurably by a skilled cast and director."

"…scenes of recriminations and reconciliations, which are too brief, too sketchy on paper, instead work solidly at Dramaworks because director Paul Stancato!"

"Director Paul Stancato deftly balances the play's tension with its acerbic humor. He also brings out the depth of the family's underlying affection."
- Palm Beach Daily News


Friends The Musical Parody

"Director Paul Stancato's direction and choreography …is smart and intuitive... Friends! The Musical Parody will make you laugh so hard your face will hurt, your eyes will tear, and you'll be ready to come back and see it over and over again."

"Skillfully directed (and choreographed) by Paul Stancato"
- BroadwayWorld  


Ben, Virginia and Me: The Liberace Musical

"A true spectacle…Ben, Virginia and Me: The Liberace Musical."
-Zachary Stewart-

"…reminiscent of the nostalgia of a Broadway long past!"
- Sandi Durell- Theater Pizzaz

"Director-choreographer Paul has staged a handsome production, full of flashy dance moves."
- Zachary Stewart-


"Expertly directed by Paul Stancato"
- Broadway World

"Director Paul Stancato leads a cast of theater veterans in a well-polished performance that's hard to criticize."
- TBR News

"The only problem? It's over too soon, you're going to want to stay longer. Grease is most definitely the word you'll be repeating over and over."
- DC Metro

Broadway Bares Strip U 2017

Jekyll and Hyde

"To start, this article will probably not do this incredible production justice! …absolutely electrifying… … [the] Broadway caliber cast is positively glorious!"
- Broadway World

"[Stancato] ... succeeds spectacularly!"
- Newsday

"Paul Stancato('s) Jekyll & Hyde is sure to thrill audiences straight from the opening scene."
- DC Metro Arts

Collected Stories

"Collected Stories' wages a war of words at Dramaworks"
"...simply stunning."
-Christine Dolen, Sun Sentinel

"Teacher-student dance strongly acted"
"...impassioned production..."
- Hap Erstein, Palm Beach ArtsPaper

" of the most affective and effective dramas seen in the region..."
- Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage

"...the must see play in Palm Beach this season."
- Bob Hagelstein, Palms West Monthly/Lacunae Musing Blog

" provocative production of 'Collected Stories'
- Aaron Krause, Krause's Constructive Critocism

"...superb production..."
- Nicholas Palmieri, Boca Raton Tribune

"...outstanding production..."
- Irv Rikon, Arts and Entertainment


"Icon…explodes with entertaining choreography by Paul Stancato"
- Joseph Verlezza,


The opening night of Hairspray, July 9, 2011, at John W. Engeman's Theater in Northport thoroughly entertained the audience, from young to old; it was a room full of smiling and appreciative faces. There was an almost full audience of standing ovations during the finale, most notably for the outstanding performances of Danielle Arci, who played the leading role of Tracy Turnblad; Felicia Finley, who played Velma Von Tussle; and Terita R. Redd as Motormouth Maybelle. Hairspray is based on the film written and directed by John Waters, music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, and book by Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan. The musical's original Broadway production won eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, out of 13 nominations.

You may have seen Hairspray a number of times, but director Paul Stancato and a talented cast inject tongue-in-cheek jokes, new sight gags and other elements into the musical, without obscuring the themes that fans love.

You'll immediately be enveloped by the music, and the pastel backdrops and round shapes are eye candy for kids and adults alike.

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music never quite fades away. Every few years it makes a comeback somewhere. There were the London revivals in 1981 and 2006 and Broadway in 1998. And in the early '90s, the sweet-'n'-sour Rodgers and Hammerstein musical even became hip when gays, cross-dressing as nuns, turned out in droves for sing-along screenings of the 1965 film starring Julie Andrews.

Now, on the heels of a mini-buzz generated by the movie cast's reunion on "Oprah" and the "Today" show and the paperback release of the oldest von Trapp daughter's book, "Memories Before and After 'The Sound of Music,' " comes a Broadway-worthy staging at the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport.

The hills are alive in Northport, with Paul Stancato's lovely production of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic The Sound of Music at the John W. Engeman Theater.

There is a nauseating sweetness associated with The Sound of Music that Stancato manages to find a way around.

Stancato's staging blends the sugar of songs like My Favorite Things with the harsh realities of Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse's script. Nothing falls into the show's easy trap of becoming overly saccharine, not even the children. That's a good thing.

Trav'lin: The New 1930's Harlem Musical

Trav'lin is a pure delight with an excellent cast that should easily transfer to off-Broadway, thanks to smooth direction and choreography by Paul Stancato that makes it all seem effortless. You'll be digging through your old albums to find what JC Johnson songs you already own but didn't realize, and you'll be writing down the names of everyone involved in what is definitely a highlight of NYMF.

The Wedding Singer

I can identify with the lead character of the movie adapted musical, The Wedding Singer. During the 1980's I played and sang with a band that had the occasional reception as a gig, and I'm sorry to say that black and white checked tennis shoes, headbands and parachute pants were familiar items in my wardrobe. Filled with catchy, uptempo numbers, this high energy recreation of a rather painful time in our fashion (and some would say musical) history is uplifting and downright hilarious.

Paul Stancato's direction keeps the pace moving and the transitions swift and seamless.

Paul Stancato's direction keeps the pace moving and the transitions swift and seamless. Filled with catchy, uptempo numbers, this high energy recreation of a rather painful time in our fashion (and some would say musical) history is uplifting and downright hilarious.

Paul Stancato' s direction was seamless, and there were tons of moments of inspired lunacy that were obviously created by him. Just when I thought they couldn't top themselves they did. -Pegasus News Inc.

The Wedding Singer isn't just a rehash of the film, it's a skewered and absurdist farce. - Pegasus News Inc.

"The Wedding Singer" (produced by NETworks) is top-notch." – San Diego Arts

Einstein's Dreams

"Einstein's Dreams" is an evocative and expertly staged — if not naturally dramatic — exploration of the imagination of the young Albert Einstein.

"Einstein's Dreams," like the book it is derived from, is a series of meditations on the variable nature of time.

Whether or not the entire text of Alan Lightman's imaginative 1993 novel Einstein's Dreams is contained in the Aporia Players/Tobacco Bar adaptation, I can't say with certainty. Maybe it just seemed that way. Without question, the piece retains most of Lightman's light-footed prose and, in doing so, raises the literary value of this year's Fringe by several notches--not to mention its good-taste level.

In adapting his [Alan Lightman] novel, Stancato, Remshardt and Gardiner add a corollary to Lightman's axiom: theater also can be presented in uncounted ways. The creators have attached themselves to the Einstein and Lightman line of dreamers and dreamed up an engaging, if not absolutely new, approach to theater technique. -Theater Mania

[Einstein’s Dreams] seem jubilantly ahead of its (ahem!) time. -Theater Mania

"Beautiful...Very inventive" -Time Out New York

"The trip is an excursion worth taking and may leave spectators wondering if their time spent in the East Village was indeed an hour and twenty minutes" -Show Business Weekly


“Rock Show, a hybrid rock concert and play now being performed at the Kraine Theater, succeeds wonderfully in blending two distinct genres and in entertaining its audience to a heart-racing degree not often experienced in conventional drama.” –

Rock Show…is a rocking, heart-felt good time that will have you cheering and stamping your feet.